YOUR HEALTH: Treating allergies with allergies

NEW YORK CITY – Virtually from the time she was born, little Juliette Lajcaj suffered from eczema.

“Raw, purple, rashy.  These are three phrases I might use to explain it,” stated her mom Kristina.

The pores and skin rashes have been a sign of attainable allergic reactions.

Each three minutes in america, somebody is rushed to an emergency room after a harmful response to meals.

In Juliette’s case docs determined she was allergic to peanuts.

TREATMENT:   There isn’t a particular drugs for nut or peanut allergic reactions and many individuals do not outgrow them.   The perfect remedy is to keep away from the nut.   Meaning not eating that nut, and in addition avoiding the nut when it is combined in meals.   Staying protected means reading food labels and listening to what they are saying about how the meals was produced.   Some meals do not include nuts, but are made in factories that make other gadgets that do include nuts.   The issue is the gear can be utilized for both foods, causing “cross-contamination.”   To right away deal with anaphylaxis, docs advocate that folks with a nut or peanut allergy hold a shot of epinephrine with them.

For mother Kristina, whose older son can also be allergic to nuts, it’s scary.

“If he grabs a nut, or she grabs a nut, or if she grabs one thing her throat goes to close up and probably trigger her to die.”

Dr. Anna Nowak, director of medical research at the Jaffe Food Allergy Institute, is testing a course of referred to as oral immunotherapy or OIT.

For Juliette, OIT includes consuming peanut butter, the very meals that she is supposed to keep away from.

“It starts with a tiny quantity that she takes beneath supervision, through the go to,” explained Dr. Nowak.  “Then she takes the identical amount at house.”

Dr. Nowak says the sufferers testing OIT are rigorously monitored.

Docs stress that oral immunotherapy should not be started at house with no physician’s supervision.

It is a sluggish process over months and whereas it is still beneath research, Nowak says it does improve tolerance.

“We know this may be completed for most youngsters. the large unknown is can we remedy her of peanut allergy?”

For Kristina, something that lessens the severity of her daughter’s allergic response down the street is value making an attempt now.

“Food is supposed to nourish your youngsters, not trigger any sort of situation like this.”

Kristina says Juliette did have an upset abdomen after the preliminary remedies but has not shown some other unwanted side effects from the therapy.

She does proceed to carry medicine together with her, in case her daughter has a sudden reaction.

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