Thrift stores riding wave of donations after new Netflix series has people tidying their homes

Do you could have too much stuff? Is your home a loosely-joined assortment of rubbish piles among which you tread, as dazed and rudderless as a possum in a landfill? Are you tied to your material possessions as a result of you’ve chosen to fill the empty elements in your life with consumerism and thus your soul is scattered amongst promotional Tf-shirts and expired tubes of body lotion?

Are you, dare we say it, untidy?

On New Yr’s Day, Netflix launched the collection “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo,” a minimalist house/life improvement show based mostly on the wildly common 2014 e-book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and starring the e-book’s writer, Japanese organization professional Marie Kondo.

"Tidying up with Marie Kondo"

For sure, the entire expertise has plunged individuals down their very own private trash chutes of existential crises, and thrift outlets and used guide shops are reaping the advantages.

In the show, Kondo acts as a tiny garbage fairy for messy individuals; alighting on their homes and the piles of stuff therein to share the knowledge of the KonMari technique.

This technique, which has been pretty fashionable for a couple of years because of Kondo’s e-book, is straightforward in concept however may be endlessly complicated in follow.

You divide all the stuff in your home — all of it — into a number of classes, and then look at every item — all of them — to see if it sparks pleasure. If it does, you keep it. If it does not, you thank it, as if it have been a previous lover, and neatly discard it.

Has it truly impressed individuals to, you understand, tidy up? It’s arduous to say. Firsthand accounts seem to point a small wave of people bringing piles of donation luggage to thrift stores, resembling Beacon’s Closet in New York City.

“They have been actually giant luggage. Ikea luggage, suitcases or rubbish luggage. It is really arduous to estimate the amount however it has been a ton of stuff, but I can say hundreds of pieces a day,” store supervisor Leah Giampietro advised CNN.

January is the Closet’s sluggish season for donations, Giampietro stated, as a result of it’s cold and other people do not need to hassle. Not this January.

“Individuals are determined to wash up their houses,” she stated.

In Chicago, Ravenswood Used Books acquired a month’s value of books in donations last week.

“We have been on this location for 4 years, and other people would walk up and down the road and never observed us earlier than,” owner Jim Mall informed CNN. “I feel lots of people at the moment are beginning to know us.”

Earlier this week, a man referred to as to say he had hundreds of books he needed gone.

“So I employed a shifting company, and we went over there, and I picked up 50 bins of books,” Mall stated.

Goodwill — the nonprofit with an enormous network of thrift shops — has heard concerning the KonMari technique quite a bit.

Nevertheless, because the new yr is usually an enormous “tidy up and donate” time anyway, it’s onerous to put any uptick in donations on Kondo’s four-foot-8-inch shoulders.

“Exercise [at our stores] is usually robust the primary week of January anyway,” Goodwill’s public relations and…

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