The subsequent common manager for Reno 186 FC did not have to move too far.

Doug Raftery simply moved into a brand new workplace, down the corridor.

Raftery, 28, was introduced Monday as the subsequent GM for Reno 1868 FC. He takes over for Andy Smith, who left late last yr.

Raftery had been vice-president of company partnerships for the Reno Aces and Reno 1868 FC.

He has an identical profession arc as Reno Aces GM Emily Janson, who was also in sales earlier than being named GM final yr.

Raftery stated he is leaning on Jaenson for recommendation in his new profession.

Doug Raftery is the brand new GM of Reno 1868 FC. (Photograph: David Calvert/Reno 1868 FC)

“That’s the easiest dialog you’ll be able to have with a person, once they’re doing the same actual factor as you,” Raftery stated. “And now I’m doing virtually the identical actual thing as her.”

He stated creating the fan base is considered one of his major objectives

Reno 1868 FC has three chartered fan help teams this season, the Battle Born Brigade, Los Unikos and Douglas Alley Renegades.

“They’re what makes this thing go. We’d like our supporters teams to be loud and chant,” Raftery stated. “Every of them brings their own totally different kind of aptitude. Working with them and understanding their id and how they need to be recognized by our employees and then helping them grow.”

He stated these help groups help energize informal fans and develop the whole  fan base.

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Reno Aces and 1868 FC president Eric Edelstein said Raftery is a good fit as GM because he already knows the community and how the club operates.

He said the main role of the GM is to develop community relationships and increase the fanbase, something Raftery is already familiar with.

“As we expand our fanbase, as we get more people out to our games, as we do more inside our community, it’s going to provide us more resources to put back into the club,” Edelstein said. “It’s community first.”

Edelstein said he was naive to think he could handle being president of two clubs and the GM duties he assumed when Smith left.

He said having Raftery take over the GM role will make game days go more smoothly.

“We need someone here who is passionate and thinking about soccer from a leadership perspective every single day,” Edelstein said. 

The Reno 1868 administration is in a separate building than where coach Ian Russell and the players are. The team has a new clubhouse on the northwest corner of the field

Raftery said he intends to spend a lot more time in the club house, meeting with Russell and the players.

Raftery has seen the Reno community become more involved with the team. He mentioned going to the press conference for new Nevada men’s basketball coach Steve Alford last Friday and seeing people…