WATCH: Okay-9 retires after eight years of service

BAKERSFIELD, CA- After eight loyal years of service, a K-9 received a round of applause on the day of his retirement.

The Bakersfield Police Department posted a video to their Facebook page thanking Bronx, a K-9 veteran, for his service.

Officials say Bronx is one of the longest serving K-9s their agency has ever had. Bronx and his handler, Officer Chris Dalton, have been partners since 2010, and have served on the SWAT team since 2014. 

The department says Bronx has done numerous demos for schools and tour groups, and has been honored with multiple awards throughout the years for his dedication, skills, and work.

“Thank you for being a loyal K-9 all these years, Bronx!” Bakersfield Police wrote.

Bronx will go on to live a more relaxed life with Officer Dalton and his family.

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