Report: Roommate of alleged serial killer accused of stealing hundreds from his…

Photo: The Advocate

EAST FELICIANA PARISH – A woman has been arrested after she allegedly stole more than $14,000 from a man accused of killing three people and wounding a fourth in a string of shootings earlier this year.

According to a report from the Advocate, 54-year-old Robin Linder is accused of raiding the safe of her roommate, an accused serial killer, and pocketing $14,500.

Linder’s former roommate, Ryan Sharpe was arrested in October in connection with four separate shootings in East Feliciana and East Baton Rouge Parishes. Sharpe’s attacks left four innocent men dead and a fourth injured.

According to the Advocate, authorities had counted $27,000 in Sharpe’s safe during a search of his home following his Oct. 11 arrest. Several days later, Sharpe’s father found that all of the money was missing from the safe when he went to collect some of his son’s items.

Linder admitted to breaking into the safe and turned over $14,500 to authorities. However she claims she did not steal the remaining $12,500.

She was arrested Thursday and charged with felony theft.

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