Husband discovered lifeless after spouse searched 'tips on how to kill somebody and never get cau…

Photo: Star-Telegram

MAYPEARL, Tex. – A woman has been arrested after authorities connected her suspicious search history to the recent murder of her husband.

According to a report from the Star-Telegram, 55-year-old Sandra Garner was arrested Wednesday in connection with her husband’s death.

Police say Garner reported the incident on Jan. 2, claiming in a 911 call that she was awakened by the sound of two gunshots. She then reported seeing a masked man holding a gun and flashlight fleeing her home before she found her husband dead.

Police seized devices from the couple’s home as part of the investigation. As they were searching for anything significant, investigators came across Sandra Garner’s browser history, which included a search for “how to kill someone and not get caught.”

Officers later found the weapon they believe was used to kill her husband in Garner’s mustang, wrapped in a paper towel inside two plastic bags.

Sandra Garner faces a murder charge and is reportedly jailed on a $2 million bond.

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