Space residents put together for freezing temperatures

ST. FRANCISVILLE – Residents are preparing for the second cold snap of the season.

Local grocery stores saw dwindling inventory heading into the weekend.

“When the cold weather comes people come out shopping to buy staple goods, Darrel David of Audubon Market said.

Shoppers were filling their carts hoping to stay home for the weekend.

“I have to get ready for the cold weather,” Cindy Mount said. “Got to go home and make gumbo.”

West Feliciana Parish officials have been monitoring the weather with another hard freeze possible.

“The wind is pretty dangerous out there,” Capt. Brian Spillman of the West Feliciana Sheriff’s Office said. “Wind chill factors are in the mid-twenties. We’re looking for them to go into the mid-teens tonight. It’s not going to get any better over the weekend.”

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